Water Cleanup Starts with the Carpets in Your Los Angeles Home

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Water damage can take many forms in your Los Angeles property, but a collection of standing water on areas like the carpet can have far-reaching implications for the structural stability of your home. Carpets are porous and absorbent, making them the ideal material to soak up standing water, which causes an issue that is more complicated than simple extraction measures can solve. Fortunately, All In One Restoration has the help you need to get your house back to normal.

The Layers of Carpeting to Be Damaged

Before embarking on water cleanup for your Los Angeles home, it’s crucial to comprehend the potential damage your property could face. Each layer of a flooring system presents unique challenges for a restoration team during the drying and cleaning process:

  • Top Rug—This is the layer above the carpeting. Water absorption first impacts and potentially destroys this layer. 
  • Backing Material – This stiff combination of fibers and materials stabilizes the carpeting top layer. Its organic composition makes it an ideal target for mildewing.
  • Padding—This is the layer underneath the rug that makes it feel nicer on your feet as you walk along. The pad itself is often highly porous, so water penetration to this point can often overwhelm this material.
  • Subflooring—OSB board, concrete, or whatever material forms the foundation of the household floor underneath all of the chosen materials to cover it. Water damage to this point can mean substantial structural concerns if not appropriately dried. 

The All-In-One Approach to Saving Your Carpets 

Our restoration process can be divided into several steps and stages, starting with extraction and water removal. We manage the water above the carpeted floor using submersible pumps and vacuums. Then, our team can move on to specialty extraction units like wands and weighted removal machines to pull trapped water out of the carpet fibers. 

When it comes to cleaning carpets, removing moisture is an essential step. We use a unique technique to ensure we get rid of every last drop of moisture. We detach the edges of the carpet and place forceful centrifugal air movers at one end of the wet carpet. These air movers blow air through the padding and the rug, creating a gentle floating effect and driving out any remaining moisture. 

Ready to Help When You Need Us All In One Restoration has become a trusted name around Los Angeles County for our prompt response, practical solutions, and comprehensive approach. When your carpet suffers water damage, we are cleanup and repair specialists to help. Call us any time at (818) 900-2340.