Repairs Are a Vital Piece of Fire Damage Cleanup in Burbank

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Fires occur in cities across the United States every day, making them something that the average homeowner should stay prepared to face. No matter how cautious you are, disasters like these can occur without warning and devastate entire areas of your house. With the physical toll fires take on a residence, it is no surprise that repairs are such a vital element of the recovery process. 

Repairs Play a Part in the Restoration of Your Home  

Fire damage in Burbank homes could require several steps and stages to overcome fully. While we are a trusted name for soot and smoke cleaning, deodorization, and content recovery, many should also look to us for the many reasons construction and demolition might be necessary surrounding a disaster: 

  • Emergency Construction 

Mitigation often depends on the construction and repairs that responding technicians can do. From containment barriers to stopping the spread of volatile smoke damage to board-up services, our experienced contractors are actively involved during mitigation.  

  • Controlled Demolition  

Sometimes, wall systems, flooring, and other building materials are too severely burned or combusted to save and recover. We carefully evaluate all exposed materials and offer rapid results regarding their salvageability. We only remove the portions of these construction elements that threaten the structure or your family.  

  • Stabilization  

The post-fire conditions within the house might be more dangerous than they seem. Sometimes, it is up to our skilled team of professionals to assess the property’s structural stability and what can be done to stabilize it.  

  • Utility Repair  

Fire can damage some of the vital utility services you and your family rely on to survive, such as electricity and water. High heat can warp conduit, damage electrical wiring, or ruin plumbing. However, if the utilities become damaged, we prioritize restoring these services with necessary repairs.  

  • Build-Back Services  

One of the final vital elements of repairs and construction following a fire is reconstructing a property that required controlled demolition or was ruined by the blaze. All In One Restoration has skilled contractors who can restore structural components to their original state. You may consider this an excellent time for substantial remodeling.  

All In One Restoration Is a Phone Call Away One phone call can solve it all. All In One Restoration is your comprehensive solution to all phases of repair and reconstruction your Burbank home might need after a devastating fire. Ready to see how we can help? Contact All In One right now at (818) 900-2340.