Water Removal from Inside the Walls of Your Los Angeles Home

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While plumbing has been a standard convenience for homes and businesses across the United States, it can often appear in very inconvenient locations when issues occur with this system. A leak within the wall of your Los Angeles home means that you not only have a repair to contend with but also water damage spreading throughout this structural cavity that must also be addressed promptly. 

Removing Water Inside the Walls 

Water removal for Los Angeles homes is a process that takes time, as there are multiple steps and stages to address it all effectively and avoid secondary damage like mold growth. Professionals like our All In One Restoration team can work fast to contain the spread of the water so that the affected areas do not continually grow. Removing the water and drying the structure after discovering a leak happens in a few distinct stages:

  • Tracking the Damage—Your plumbing system is a collection of hundreds of pieces, each with the potential to become a source of substantial water damage under the right conditions. Where you see water damage on the wall does not always correlate to where the leak is, making it imperative for our team to use thermal imagery and other discovery methods to track moisture damage in cavities. 
  • Drainage—We work to drain trapped standing water for cleanup by drilling weep holes behind the baseboard of the affected walls or completing drywall flood cuts. 
  • Repairs – From finding the leak and fixing the compromised plumbing to removing ruined drywall and stabilizing the structural integrity of the damaged areas, our contractors can help. And when you need repairs or reconstruction after restoration, we can help there, too.
  • Structural Drying – Our inventory has multiple tools for drying your home after water leaks. We have low-profile centrifugal air movers and injection systems to infuse moist spaces with warm air to evaporate lingering damage.

All In One Restoration for a Comprehensive Solution

While we are far from the only restoration team serving the Los Angeles area, one of the reasons why our reputation consistently grows is right in our name. We are a full-service restoration, repair, recovery, and remediation solution. Our comprehensive approach means we can manage each step and stage of returning your water-damaged structure to its pre-loss condition, beginning with our arrival within hours of your first phone call. Ready to get your home looking its best after a wall leak? Call All in One Restoration now at (818) 900-2340.