A Comprehensive Solution for Los Angeles Fire Damag

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Because we at All In One Restoration have extensive experience with fire damage cleanup and recovery, we know better than anyone about each property being different regarding post-disaster solutions. It would be best to have a team that can do it all, walking your property through the time-sensitive phases of mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction. 

The Many Faces of Effective Fire Cleanup

Fire damage in Los Angeles homes, businesses, and condos can be overwhelming for property owners and hazardous to clean and restore without training and certifications. All in One Restoration provides a comprehensive solution for the work your home needs after extinguishment, including: 

  • Smoke Damage Cleanup

Burned materials produce soot, a product of partial combustion that leaves a thick residue on building materials and contents. We can often preserve affected substrates without further demolition using our strong cleaning products to emulsify or dissolve these deposits.

  • Improving Air Quality 

Suspended particulates and smoke solids become an aerosolized threat for families after a fire. Beyond the overwhelming odors accompanying widespread disasters, we strategically place equipment like HEPA air filters to catch and trap suspended particles threatening the environment. 

  • Early Repairs and Full Reconstruction

Our ability to provide restoration and reconstruction services is vital to practical results. This begins when we arrive to mitigate damage with emergency repairs on utilities and vulnerable structural systems. When the restoration completes, you won’t wait to schedule with multiple teams to get life back to normal; we transition fast to build-back services your property requires after cleanup.

  • Water Restoration 

Where there’s fire, there’s likely water damage. Firefighting utilizes a lot of water from hydrants to extinguish, leaving a mess behind beyond the combustion effects. From extraction to structural drying solutions, we also understand what your home needs to overcome this aspect of fire recovery.

The Urgency of Restoration Work 

The window for successful restoration and recovery after fire damage shrinks with every day that passes without mitigation and cleanup work beginning. Because of this urgency to begin emergency services, All In One Restoration is available 24/7 with a team of competent professionals capable of mobilizing at any hour to help. Our fleet of service vehicles remains equipped with HEPA products, strong cleaners, drying equipment, and anything else we might need to contain or overcome the first phase of post-fire damage.When every second counts, trust the team that can help your property in every way it needs. Call our All-in-One Restoration crew today at (818) 900-2340