Before and After Water Removal in Your Burbank Home

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Water damage incidents happen daily, so when your home becomes the latest impacted property, you need fast, professional resources to help. All In One Restoration has proven recovery solutions beginning with effective mitigation and cleanup. Extraction plays a crucial part in the earliest cleanup efforts, and we arrive well-prepared to handle whatever surface water threats exist. 

Water removal for Burbank properties is most effective when homeowners act fast to contact our experts and work to take quick action to limit the severity of the situation as much as possible. For example, there are a few steps that a homeowner can take before we arrive to shorten the restoration time and limit out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible.  

Practical Early Steps Before Water Removal  

  • Stop the Water—When the water piping first enters your property, you can close the main service valve to sever the water flow to the break or leak.  
  • Document the Damage—Documentation is critical for obtaining damage claim approval with your home insurance provider. Take as many photographs as possible of the affected materials and catalog ruined belongings. For insurance claims, this effort can be beneficial in resolving potential disputes.
  • Contact All In One Restoration—Do not waste time—your home could be repaired, cleaned, and restored faster than you expect by taking the initiative and contacting restoration specialists on your own. All In One Restoration technicians are available 24/7. We can be at your doorstep shortly after the first notice of loss to our offices.  
  • Remove At-Risk Items if Safe – If you are confident that affected areas are not at risk of electrocution or contamination hazards, you can work to remove items not yet impacted by the water damage to prevent more significant loss or damage to irreplaceable keepsakes. 

Our Water Removal Solutions for Your Home  

Removing standing water is the initial focus of mitigation efforts. Pooling threatens structural integrity, can hide damage, and prevents a proper assessment and drying of the house. Our service vehicles arrive with weighted extractors, squeegee wands, pumps, and vacuums to provide all needed removal solutions based on your unique situation.  One phone call to our All In One Restoration team can get our mobile unit rolling out to help when your home needs it most. As soon as our response team arrives, we can work on water removal, content recovery, claim services, and emergency repairs. Call us now at (818) 900-2340.