Mold Damage Can Be a Serious Threat to Your House

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Suspicious About Mold in Your Home

Do you suspect that there might be mold growth in your home? If so, you should know that mold is not something that you should attempt to remove on your own. Instead, it’s best to have professionals remediate any growth of more than ten square feet. All in One Restoration and Construction is always ready to help if the situation becomes more than you can realistically manage on your own.

Mold remediation for homes in our Southern California service area begins with understanding its necessity. While we are always prepared to help with effective inspection services, you are your home and family’s first defense. Identifying warning signs can often get you ahead of widespread and debilitating mold damage. You should regularly inspect your home for red flags warning of mold development, especially when the residence is humid or suffers excessive moisture. Signs can include: 

  • Irregular surface spotting
  • Musty odors
  • Long-lingering moisture

Early Methods of Slowing Progression

If you do need mold remediation services, look no further than the trusted professionals of our All in One Restoration and Construction team. One of our trusted crew’s early steps when entering your home is keeping the mold from getting to new areas. This objective is achieved by constructing temporary containment barriers and using air filtration and negative pressure to stop spore migration. We also work on efforts like controlled demolition that have multiple immediate benefits for your house.

Removing Active Mold Damage

The removal of mold damage is not a one-size-fits-all solution for properties. Our remediators must evaluate the condition of the infested structure and determine what approach might work best. Surface cleaning is ideal, introducing potent sporicidal agents in a non-invasive manner, but often more aggressive media blasting or demolition might be necessary.

Our team collaborates with adjusters and staff from your home insurance provider to fulfill their claim approval requirements and ensure a swift claims process. Our goal is to initiate the cleanup process as quickly as possible. Call ALL IN ONE RESTORATION at (323)-255-1000 for 24/7 mold inspections and mitigation.