How Fire Restoration Companies Recover Sentimental Items

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A fire at home can cause both physical and sentimental damage. However, a professional fire damage restoration company can save cherished items such as heirloom furniture and family photo albums. Their expertise can help restore them to their original condition through:

  • Furniture restoration
  • Photo and keepsake restoration
  • Fabric/textile restoration

All In One Restoration specializes in post-disaster fire restoration for Burbank properties, including recovering damaged contents. We have equipment, expertise, and an ever-expanding roster to help when disasters strike.

Restoring Furniture After a Fire

Our company can help preserve your heirloom furniture damaged by smoke or fire. We use specialized equipment, chemicals, and solvents to remove buildup, scorch marks, and embedded residue. We also have skilled technicians who can assess and restore your upholstered furniture, preserving its unique character. After removing all residues, the professional will inspect your furniture, evaluate the extent of the damage, document it properly, and check its value.

Photograph and Memento Restoration

After a fire, fire damage restoration companies can help preserve family heirlooms such as photographs, scrapbooks, and essential documents. They have the necessary skills and expertise to repair and restore the items whenever possible. Our professional fire damage restoration company will determine the preservation methods for your family heirlooms, like photographs and documents, based on the material they are made of and the extent of the damage.

We will then clean and repair the heirlooms, spot-cleaning photographs, books, and papers to eliminate soot and smoke and repair any damage caused by the fire’s heat and flames. Finally, we will provide guidance on safely storing restored items with recommended acid-free boxes or folders to prolong their life and ensure their safety for years.

Recovering Fire-Damaged Fabric and Textiles

Fabrics and textiles are sensitive to heat and smoke during a fire. Smoke can leave behind soot in the fibers; even a small amount of heat can cause scorching, melting, or discoloration. They can also trap fumes and stains that are hard to remove, so working with professionals for cleanup is advisable.

To restore fabrics and textiles after a fire, our professionals follow these steps:

  1. Assess the damage to determine if restoration or replacement is needed.
  2. Choose the appropriate restoration method, such as chemical or dry cleaning.
  3. Pre-treat affected areas with stain repellents.
  4. Use professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions to deep clean the fabrics and textiles.
  5. Remove any remaining odor with odor-neutralizing agents.

When you face damaging post-disaster fire loss effects, you can count on All In One Restoration to help. We are a trusted name throughout southern California, offering fast, focused mitigation and emergency services to preserve what matters most. Call us whenever disaster strikes at (818) 900-2340.