Help with Mold Testing and Remediation in Los Angeles

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Dealing with water damage or mold exposure in your home can be a bigger headache than you realize. Many have come to trust our All In One Restoration team. With our professional mold detection and remediation services in Los Angeles, you can know you’re in good hands. 

Mold testing and remediation in Los Angeles properties are very different yet directly intertwined processes. Keeping both efforts under one roof can help save you money and provide faster results and peace of mind. But what do professional testing and inspections offer that store-bought test kits cannot?

The Truths of Professional Mold Testing and Inspections

While you can access off-the-shelf testing options, these pale compared to sophisticated air sampling, tape grab spore analysis, and other forms of expert mold assessment we conduct. Sampling can help confirm the presence of mold, but inspections collect vital data to begin forming a credible remediation plan.  

If you suspect mold is already an issue for your residence or business, bringing in our mold inspectors to confirm these suspicions or alleviate your stress is vital. During the inspection, we will take samples from different areas of the building, helping to limit the cleanup job to only the affected area. Additionally, we perform moisture testing to determine if the conditions are ripe for mold growth.

Our mold inspectors, who are experienced and knowledgeable, begin by conducting a complete walkthrough of your home. We sample any mold discovered and send it to a lab for analysis. This testing is essential because it compares the mold levels in your indoor air to those found outside. We pay close attention to:  

  • Attics 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Crawlspaces 
  • Floors 
  • Any areas the water damage or humidity has reached

In most cases, surface sampling might not be necessary if there are clear signs of mold growth and spread through the property. However, surface sampling with tape or air sampling could be helpful to ensure an area has been adequately cleaned or remediated. Please leave it to our All In One Restoration professionals to collect data and convert it into a site-specific remediation plan.

Find a Team that Can Help However You Need Whether you want to save money by keeping all related remediation phases like testing, removal, and clearance assessments under one roof or only need All in One Restoration and Construction to handle a portion of the process, we are a team to trust. We have years of experience in Greater Los Angeles, helping with post-disaster recovery and cleanup. We are ready to get your home back on its feet after this invasive mold intruder when you call (818) 900-2340.